California college instructor under fire for bizarrely racist question on health science exam
Stunned black man (Shutterstock)

A longtime instructor at CSU Long Beach in California is under fire for including a bizarrely racist and inappropriate question on a health science exam.

According to ABC30, Matt E. Fischer -- who has taught health science for the Los Angeles Unified School District for more than 25 years -- posed the following question to students: "Which of the following gangs generally do the least graffiti? Black, Asian, Hispanic, or White?"

Unsurprisingly, students were both puzzled and outraged.

Student Alex Rambo, who posted a screenshot of the question on Twitter, called it "racist."

Junior Juliette Nguyen agreed, saying, "It plays on stereotypes."

According to Angela Reid, the mother of student Rambo, "(It was) kind of the awkward things happening in the class and he showed me the exam and asked me to read that one question and I did. And after I read, it my question was 'What does that have to do with health science?'"

A spokesperson for the university said they are looking into the matter, and condemned it.

"The campus takes these allegations seriously. We will provide additional information when we have reached a resolution," CSULB spokesperson Jeff Bliss said in a staement.