Confessed Russian spy Butina to provide info in a separate 'pending criminal investigation': secret court documents
Maria Butina, who has been indicted on charges of being a Russian agent. (Pavel Starikov/Flickr)

Federal prosecutors filed sealed documents late Friday requesting the presence of confessed Russian spy Maria Butina in a separate "pending criminal investigation" reports the Daily Beast.

According to the report, Butina -- who pleaded guilty this week to acting as a foreign agent for Russia and attempting to work to with conservative groups to build a backchannel between the Kremlin and the Trump administration -- is now needed to testify or provide information in another case.

The report states that the documents -- which were kept secret -- asked for authorization to transport the Russian woman in secrecy.

The Beast reports that prosecutors made the secret filing because its release “would pose a risk to the defendant’s safety and the safety of the community” and could be used by those who would “seek to harm or intimidate the defendant.”

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