Indiana police can't find mysterious source of loud 'booming' explosion
Explosion on an air-strip (Photo: Shutterstock)

"Numerous" calls came into police departments across Indiana Sunday of an explosion that people both heard and felt.

According to the Times-Union - Warsaw, the explosion came around 6:40 p.m. and officers are still searching for the cause.

"Some say the loud boom came from the area of CR 200S and Ferguson Road, while other callers say it’s from the Winona Lake and/or Pierceton area," the Times-Union announced on their Facebook page.

WSBT News also noted they have no news about the incident but will update as information becomes available.

Locals commenting on the post indicated it could be anything from a "frost quake" or an exploded meth lab. One person even said, "It's the aliens landing it's the only logical explanation."

Read the full post below:

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