'There is no bottom': Washington Post columnist slams Trump's response to migrant child deaths
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump has responded to the deaths of two children in ICE custody on the southern border, blaming Democrats on Saturday.

Trump was pounded for his "depraved" response on Twitter, and has now drawn the ire of Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty.

"With President Trump, there is no bottom," she writes. "Every time you think you have seen it, he manages to sink even lower."

No child had died in ICE custody for more than a decade before Trump started separating children from their parents and detaining them for months at a time.

"We saw yet another level of depravity" with Trump's tweets, which "revealed not only callousness but also opportunism, as he sought to turn this tragedy into a partisan advantage in his current standoff with Democrats over the government shutdown."

While Trump is obsessed with his wall, he totally ignores the humanitarian crisis south of the border.

"As Trump fulminates about the wall, he rarely brings up the idea of doing anything about the source of the problem: the desperation of people who are being driven from their native countries by poverty and violence. Until those forces are addressed, migrants will keep coming, even if it means taking greater risks to do so," she writes.

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