Probe of Trump's sham charity could crash into Trump Organization 'like a Mack truck': Ex-federal prosecutor
Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

Legal experts are telling NBC News that they think President Donald Trump should be worried about the investigation into his sham charity turning into an investigation of his business empire.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner tells NBC that he sees so much overlap between the now-dissolved Trump Foundation and the Trump Organization that he can't imagine corruption within one didn't bleed into corruption in the other.

"I don't think there will be any investigative daylight between what the New York state authorities and investigators are looking into with respect to the foundation vs. the organization vs. anything else involving business dealings that have the name 'Trump' attached to them," he said, before predicting that the probe into the Trump Foundation would crash into the Trump Organization "like a Mack truck."

Former federal prosecutor Daniel Goldman similarly noted that the personnel at both entities was largely the same, which means the Trump Organization is very likely in jeopardy of undergoing a thorough criminal probe.

"It is likely that the investigation into the Trump Foundation has sufficiently overlapped with the Trump Organization that investigators would be justified in extending their investigation into the Trump Organization," he said.

And Jed Shugerman, a Fordham law professor, said that investigators already had some low-hanging fruit at the Trump Organization when it comes to potential criminal activity.

"They were using the Trump Foundation for the business purposes of the Trump Organization," he said. "That's the easiest case."

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