Republican donors furious their House campaign arm didn’t inform them of recent hack: ‘You’d expect better customer service’

The campaign fundraising arm for House Republicans was hacked during the midterms and revealed this week — and the committee is keeping its GOP donors in the dark on what, if any, of their information was stolen.

BuzzFeed News reported that at least five major donors to the National Republican Congressional Committee had almost no information about the campaign arm’s hack, which was first reported by Politico on Tuesday.


When contacted by BuzzFeed reporters, most of the donors were unaware that the hack had even happened.

“This is the first I’m hearing of it,” said Sam Hubbard, a Minnesota-based GOP megadonor who gave the NRCC six-figure donations in the 2018 cycle.

Another donor was reportedly surprised by having to learn the story through a reporter.

“They didn’t even forward the Politico story,” the large-sum GOP donor told BuzzFeed. “There has been no contact at all. You would expect a little better customer service.”


The report noted that the NRCC said no donor information was compromised in the hack — but hasn’t provided further context.

Politico noted in its report that House members who donated to the NRCC, which is chaired by Ohio Republican Rep. Steve Stivers, through their campaign accounts also were unaware of the hack until it was reported.

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