Sarah Palin son checks into halfway house as part of plea deal for assaulting his dad -- but could still end up in jail
Sarah Palin (Extra TV)

The son of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has checked himself into a halfway house as part of a plea deal with prosecutors after he was arrested for attacking his father.

According to Page Six, Track Palin, 29, was supposed to turn himself in at the end of October after a judge decided new assault allegations made him ineligible for a court program aimed at rehabilitating veterans.

The Army veteran was told by a judge he would have to serve his time instead while he faces other charges.

The report states that Palin checked himself in on Wednesday morning at a facility in Anchorage.

Palin has been in and out of trouble since he left the service, including allegedly assaulting a girlfriend in September of this year for which he is still facing misdemeanor charges of assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

His stay at the halfway house is related to a December 2017 attack in which he was accused of breaking into his parents’ home and leaving his father, Todd, bleeding from cuts on his head, forcing the family to call the police.

According to Page Six, "Once Palin checks in to the halfway house, it’s up to the Department of Corrections to determine if he will serve the time at the halfway house, on house arrest or in jail, according to Anchorage District Attorney Richard Allen."

Previously, Palin was accused of attacking another girlfriend in 2016, but he pleaded down to a misdemeanor charge of possession of a firearm while intoxicated.