Internet destroys Fox News host alleging women must let ill fetuses die or they're having ‘recreational abortions’
Fox News host Katie Pavlich (Photo: Screen capture)

During a report on Fox News, host Katie Pavlich attacked women who don't let their fetuses die in utero when they're ill. For women who choose to have an abortion instead of risking their own health to wait for a non-viable fetus to die, Pavlich called it a "recreational abortion."

“So this New York abortion law which allows abortion up til the day before birth is, essentially, a recreational abortion bill,” Pavlich opined.

Dr. Omar Hamada agreed, saying women should wait for their fetus to die instead of having third-trimester abortions.

The internet unleashed on both the host and the doctor, who tried to clarify that he was an actual OB/GYN.

Typically even anti-choice activists agree forcing women to have dead fetuses isn't generally part of the abortion debate.

You can see the tweets below: