Michael Cohen paid Jerry Falwell Jr's tech officer to rig early polls for Trump: report
Trump lawyer Michael Cohen (IowaPolitics.com/Flickr)

Michael Cohen paid the chief information officer for Jerry Falwell Jr.'s evangelical college to rig early polls in Donald Trump's favor, according to a new report.

The former Trump Organization attorney, who has agreed to cooperate in multiple investigations involving the president, paid tech businessman John Gauger up to $13,000 for his work on the 2016 campaign, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Gauger, who owns RedFinch Solutions LLC and oversees information technology at Liberty University, told the newspaper he got a blue Walmart bag full of cash from Cohen, along with a boxing glove the attorney claimed had been worn by a Brazilian mixed-martial arts fighter.

Cohen insists that he paid by check, and Gauger says he was never paid the full $50,000 he was promised.

The president's former attorney was reimbursed the full $50,000 from Trump and his company for work provided by RedFinch, which Trump's current personal attorney showed Cohen was a thief.

“If one thing has been established, it’s that Michael Cohen is completely untrustworthy,” Rudy Giuliani told the Journal.

Federal prosecutors have noted the reimbursement, but Cohen's dealings over six years with Falwell's tech officer have not previously been reported.

Guager's attorney told the newspaper that the IT officer had been interviewed by federal investigators.