Republican border wall compromise? GOP leader introduces plan for state government to foot the bill
Composite image of Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore) and Republican Senate President Scott Sales (Montana legislature)

President Donald Trump's insistence on constructing a barrier the entire length of the southern border has run into two major logistical hurdles. Mexico has repeatedly said they will not foot the bill, as Trump had promised and the United States Congress has likewise refused to shift the burden to U.S. taxpayers.

Could state governments, however, choose to pick up the tab?

Montana state Senate President Scott Sales (R-Bozeman) is exploring legislation for state government to foot the bill.

On Tuesday, the same day as Trump's primetime address, Sales requested a bill draft to "appropriate funds for border wall funding."

Montana is 1,000 miles away from Mexico, but does share a 545 mile border with Canada.

The state appears to lack the financial wherewithal to fund Trump's project.

Trump has demanded $5.7 billion over the next year to construct this wall and/or fence. That is more than twice as much money as the Montana legislature spends in a year.