'People drawn to Trump want to be fooled:' Trump biographer scrutinizes Cliff Sims tell-all book
Journalist and Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio (Photo: Screen capture)

A Tuesday panel hosted by CNN's Don Lemon critique former White House aide Cliff Sims comments that people get pulled into President Donald Trump's "orbit." Sims wrote the book "Team of Vipers," that details his short stint in the White House and working alongside the president.

In the book, Sims describes himself being more power hunger and unethical the longer he hung around Trump. Sims said that being around Trump can "distort" people's moral compass.

"Are people getting pulled into it and they're believing a reality that's not necessarily reality?" Lemon asked Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio.

"I think they do, but you also bring your own lens to this experience. And I think that a lot of people drawn to Donald Trump want to be fooled,"  D'Antonio said.

"When I meet him he was a very shabby figure, he made Trump Tower look worse. He was only interested in himself," D'Antonio said.

Former White House adviser David Gergen said that people who work in the White House should be held accountable for their actions because they work for the American people and not Trump.

"You have to make a separation," Gergen said. "If you're working in a White House, your obligation is to the country and to the people of the country. It is not to your president. That's what you take your oath. And to let these people just sort of apologize and say, 'I got sucked into it', sorry, that doesn't work."

Watch below via CNN.