Trump's so-called border 'crisis' can be disproven with one chart
President Donald Trump touring border wall prototypes in San Diego with then-acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. CBP photo by Ralph Desio.

Donald Trump has claimed there's an undocumented immigration "crisis" at the United States' Southern border with Mexico -- but one reading of government statistics finds there's no crisis at all.

The Center for American Progress' advocacy arm, CAP Action, tweeted Tuesday that in spite of the president's claims, "apprehensions at the Southern border have plummeted more than 75 percent since 2000."

"Trump is going to tell you tonight that there’s an emergency at the border," CAP Action tweeted. "That’s a lie."

Last month, Portland's KATU spoke with Republican and anti-undocumented immigration activists who attempted to explain why they still support a border wall in spite of numbers showing a decrease in illegal border crossings.

"It's not a numbers issue," James Buchal, chairman of the Multnomah County Republican Party, told KATU. "To me. it's a fundamental question: Is it good to have a nation with borders or not?"

"I agree that the evidence plausibly indicates that the level of illegal immigration has receded from the peaks," Buchal added. "OK. But is it less of a problem? I don't know. The policies have changed quite a bit."