The wife of one of Donald Trump's top communications aide has rejoined Twitter -- and is already attacking "skanks" and palling around with conspiracy theorists.

Mediaite reported Wednesday that Darla Shine, wife of former Fox News executive Bill Shine who was hired as Trump's deputy chief of staff for communications last summer, has ended her Twitter hiatus in fiery fashion.

Last year, Shine garnered headlines after her husband joined the Trump administration in the wake of his ouster from Fox over his role in sexual harassment scandals due to her history of making racist posts on Twitter.

Her brief hiatus appears to have begun in December when Shine responded to a tweet by Adrienna DiCioccio, a conspiracy theorist and several-times Infowars guest who promoted the theory that the Sandy Hook shooting was a "false flag."

On December 12, Mediaite reported, DiCioccio called on her followers to take a one-day boycott of social media companies that she called "censorship awareness day."

"Let's do it!" Shine responded.

Shine became active again in the new year and on January 15 called CNN host Erin Burnett "pompous" after the anchor said comments that First Lady Melania Trump should make salads are "sexist."

"Pompous Erin Burnout of CNN too good to make a salad guess she has a chef cooking for her baby and husband so sad she thinks cooking for her family or friends or guests is beneath her," the White House official's wife said. "Pathetic."

Shine also complained over the weekend that she was "put in 24 hour Twitter jail" for calling Trump mistress Stormy Daniels a "skank."