Jeff Bezos 'ripped the band-aid off' of the Trump-loving National Enquirer by exposing their blackmail methods: CNN contributor
CNN's Gloria Borger (Photo: Screen capture)

On Thursday, CNN contributor Gloria Borger said that Jeff Bezos “ripped the band-aid off” of The National Enquirer over their bullying methods after he revealed private emails from the tabloid that were intended to blackmail him.

In a blog post, Bezos said the tabloid was threatening him with blackmail if he didn't squash a report in his Washington Post.

"This is clearly about AMI not wanting a bad piece in The Washington Post. The assumption that Jeff would actually do that is stunning," Borger said.

"He wasn't going to take it. He exposes them. This is the way they behave to people they want to write about. I think it lays it all out there for people to see," Borger said.

"There is a certain irony here, that AMI is trying to preserve their reputation. Whatever their reputation is at this point is about to get worse," she said.

Watch below via CNN: