Conservative columnist hammers Stephen Miller over Trump's 'emergency' wall strategy
Stephen Miller -- screenshot

The National Review’s David French cast doubt upon the Trump administration’s chances of getting Trump’s ‘emergency’ wall funding past impending court challenges today in a new column. The conservative columnist specifically singled out Stephen Miller’s appearance on Fox News yesterday as a harbinger of doom for getting the wall past potential legal hurdles.

“One of the first rules of effective litigation is that you don’t want your client to make statements out loud that reveal the weakness of your legal case,” French wrote. “On Sunday morning, Trump adviser Stephen Miller violated that rule.”

French went on to note that Miller’s legal arguments for the wall he laid out to Fox News host Chris Wallace yesterday on Fox News Sunday “demonstrated the extraordinary weakness of the administration’s statutory argument,” and further, called it “absurd.”

“[Miller’s argument] simply doesn’t match the plain language and obvious intent of the relevant statute [cited],” French said.

And while French couched his criticisms of Miller by saying he is “a capable defender of the president’s policies,” he ends the column with another arrow from his sling.

“The fact that this is the best case he could make is ominous news for the administration’s legal defense,” he wrote.

Read the entire column here.