Mueller's probe is not going to 'slam to a halt on Valentine's Day' -- no matter what the DOJ wants: ex-prosecutor
Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker (left, via screengrab) and special counsel Robert Mueller (right, via the United States' Estonian embassy).

A former prosecutor from the Southern District of New York warned that special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe is not going to be over in a week -- regardless of what the Justice Department claims.

In his new weekly CNN column answering viewer and reader questions, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig wrote that "all told, the grand jury extension is one of many indicators that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker's statement that Mueller is 'close to being completed' does not mean everything will slam to a halt by Valentine's Day."

There are other indicators as well, Honig noted: new charges being filed against Donald Trump's longtime confidante Roger Stone; the "unresolved sentencing" and cooperation of former Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn and his deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates; the mystery subpoena Mueller filed in court against a foreign-owned company; "a potential subpoena on Trump"; and the ongoing investigations surrounding the president in Congress and the SDNY.

The former prosecutor pointed out that the district where he cut his teeth, meanwhile, is uniquely poised to damage Trump because it doesn't have as narrow an investigational scope as Mueller.

"Take it from an alum," Honig wrote, "the SDNY is uniquely tenacious and relentless."

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