'I would rather starve': Music store owner says he will close before taking money from 'Trump sympathizers'
Man listening to music (Shutterstock)

A music store owner in Ohio says he would rather close his store than take money from "Trump sympathizers."

In a Facebook post this week, Joe’s Music in Willoughby asked supporters of President Donald Trump to shop somewhere else. A sign with the policy was also posted on the store's window.

“Dear Trump sympathizers. I am truly sorry, however I feel unclean and dirty accepting money from you. Please, politely shop somewhere else. Sorry, I would rather starve and close the store than participate in wrong-doing. Many blessings to you. I hope you understand,” the message said, according to Cleveland's Fox 8.

The new policy was first reported on Tuesday. By Wednesday, the Facebook page for Joe's Music was unavailable.

[caption id="attachment_1450679" align="alignnone" width="323"] Anti-Trump Sign posted at Joe's Music (Facebook)[/caption]