Republicans urge Trump to surrender on his 'imaginary' border wall fight: report
President Donald Trump pauses during the 9/11 Observance Ceremony at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. (DOD photo by Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Dominique A. Pineiro)

President Donald Trump has backed himself into a corner over his adamant fight for a wall at the US-Mexico border that has been viewed as his "imaginary" campaign promise.

On Tuesday, Greg Sargent, opinion writer for The Washington Post suggested that Republicans are now urging Trump to accept an agreed-upon proposal in order to prevent another government shutdown.

"Trump’s political and media allies are already in a rage over this point. And Trump may not accept the deal, or perhaps he’ll agree to it and try to find the wall money through executive action," Sargent said.

Trump has peddled lies that his wall is already being built, despite multiple reports that it is not. It's unclear if Trump will sign off on the agreement but he said that at "first glance" he was not happy about it.

The deal would be seen as a loss for Trump and his base.

“We have yet to see the details in writing, but based on news reports, I’d say this deal is a huge loss for Donald Trump and Stephen Miller,” Frank Sharry, executive director of a pro-immigrant group, told The Post.

“This deal has no money for his concrete wall and less money for barriers than was on offer last December,” Sharry told The Post. “Trump tried to use a shutdown to force through radical policy changes, and at this point, Republicans are saying, ‘Let’s keep the government open and move on.’”

"In other words, the fake crisis that Trump invented — and with it, his broader immigration vision — is getting repudiated. The only question is whether Trump will agree to the surrender Republicans are trying to negotiate for him," Sargent said.

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