Roger Stone's lawyers ridiculed for blowing up their own conspiracy theory about Mueller: 'How far the nutbags have fallen'
Special counsel Robert Mueller (left) and Trump confidante Roger Stone (right). Images via Obama White House archives and screengrab.

After special counsel Robert Mueller hit back against Roger Stone's claim that his office leaked his FBI arrest to CNN, the Trump confidante responded — but his legal ground appears to be shaky.

Earlier in the day, Mueller's team released a statement noting that they did not violate a court order when releasing a press release about his indictment. They also pushed back against Stone's conspiracy theory alleging they tipped CNN off in advance.

Stone's lawyers, BuzzFeed News legal correspondent Chris Geidner wrote, are "insisting the special counsel's office read the order wrong."

Bradley P. Moss, a national security lawyer, noted that not only did Stone's lawyers admit "that there was no leak to CNN," but also that "they don't think DOJ had the authority to send out the press release and Complaint when it did based on the language of the sealing order."

"Oh how far the conspiracy nutbags have fallen," Moss added.