Stormy Daniels thanks Cohen for his 'courageous' testimony — and asks him to retract his attacks on her
Adult film actress Stormy Daniels (left, via Shutterstock) and Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen (right, via screengrab).

Trump mistress Stormy Daniels issued a statement in response to Michael Cohen's congressional testimony — and implored him to retract statements he made against her when he was still under the president's employ.

"Michael, I'm proud of you for finally beginning to tell the truth about what you did, and trying to repair some of the harm you have caused," Daniels wrote in a statement posted on Twitter by MSNBC correspondent Garrett Haake.

"You spoke about how the president and his attorney put you and your family in danger by calling you a liar and a rat and disparaging you in public," she continued. "I understand your fear, Michael. I have a family, too."

"Do you believe now that when you and the president called me a liar, when you were his attorney and you insulted me, threatened to bankrupt me and worse, that you put me and my family in danger?" Daniels wrote. "I remember the fear you feel. I still feel it."

She went on to thank Cohen "for having the courage, at long last, to begin to tell the truth."