Trump and his AG nominee will try to 'cover up' the Mueller report: Senate Judiciary Dem
Special counsel Robert Mueller (left, via AFP/Saul Loeb) and AG nominee William Barr (right, via screengrab).

A Democratic Senator warned Monday that President Donald Trump and his attorney general nominee William Barr are likely to try to "cover up" special counsel Robert Mueller's report when it comes out.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) told reporters after meeting with Barr that the AG nominee would not say whether Mueller would be allowed to testify or if the Justice Department would comply with a subpoena to release the special counsel's report.

“In effect, there would be a cover-up," the Senate Judiciary Committee Democrat told the Connecticut Post. “And that is intolerable for the public interest.”

The CT Post noted that although some Democrats think Barr is likely to be better than Matthew Whitaker, the man the president appointed as acting attorney general who is considered a Trump loyalist, Blumenthal said he does not agree.

The Senator whose family has been locked in a real estate battle with Trump for decades added that "since the Justice Department has a policy of not indicting a sitting president, the combination of no indictment and no Mueller report would be disastrous," the report summarized.