White House advisers fearful president will get played by North Korea's Kim again if he gets Trump alone

President Trump is once again meeting with North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un next week, and already some experts and senior Trump administration officials are fretting behind the scenes, according to a new Bloomberg report.

Bloomberg writes that things could go wrong if North Korea manages to isolate Trump and get him alone with Kim, who the president is already famously fond of.

"A senior Trump administration official, who asked not to be identified discussing internal deliberations, said North Korean officials have so far given little away in their meetings with the top U.S. envoy for the talks," Bloomberg wrote Thursday. "The official said the fear is that Kim will make an offer to Trump that sounds good at the moment, inspiring the president to sacrifice something in return that goes too far."

The new report went on to note that North Korean officials may seek to exploit Trump's willingness to meet privately with world leaders away from well-trained negotiators, as he has done with leaders such as Vladimir Putin in the past.

"Heading into next week’s summit with Kim in Hanoi, the president’s top advisers will seek to ensure no last-minute giveaways happen this time around," the article stated. "But for North Korea, the president’s habit of making concessions on the fly presents an opportunity that’s likely to lead negotiators from Pyongyang to disregard the president’s staff to focus on what he might offer."

Last year, Trump famously met with Kim in Singapore, but no official treaties were signed, despite Trump's insistence the meeting was fruitful. Russian media at the time called the meeting a "victory" -- for Kim.

Bloomberg notes that not all are expecting failure next week....some are "guardedly optimistic" about the meeting in Hanoi.

“I’m guardedly optimistic on the summit,” Joseph DeTrani, former head of the National Nonproliferation Center, a part of the U.S. intelligence community, told Bloomberg. “There’s so much that could be put on the table that would include true substance.”

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