'Premeditated murder’: White House aides turn on each other after Trump’s schedule leaked
President Donald Trump. (AFP / Jim WATSON)

The White House has been rocked by the massive leak of President Donald Trump's schedule, which shows few meetings and hours of unstructured time each day.

Axios published 95 pages of Trump's private schedules Sunday, and sources told the website the following day that the leak had sowed chaos inside the White House.

"There are leaks, and then there are leaks," said Cliff Sims, a former White House aide who recently published the tell-all book "Team of Vipers."

"If most are involuntary manslaughter," he added, "this was premeditated murder. People inside are genuinely scared."

Sources told Axios the leak had set off a round of finger-pointing more intense than anything since a White House official published an anonymous New York Times op-ed exposing the chaos and drama inside the Trump administration.

The leaked schedules show Trump spends about 60 percent of his scheduled time watching TV, reading newspapers, tweeting and calling friends.