White Republicans throw a fit after Wisconsin lawmakers mention Colin Kaepernick in Black History Month resolution
Colin Kaepernick. (Brook Ward/Flickr)

In honor of Black History Month, Milwaukee lawmakers proposed legislation celebrating famous African-Americans, including former football star Colin Kaepernick.

But white lawmakers opposed adding Kaepernick's name to the list of honorees, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Rep. David Crowley called the episode "a textbook example of white privilege" and a "slap in the face."

"It is critical for this body to recognize the black caucus and recognize the resolution we put forward," Crowley said. "Many of these people that you don’t agree with will still be in the history books that your children and grandchildren will be reading."

A Republican who opposed the measure cited the controversy surrounding Kaepernick, who was born in Milwaukee and has contributed to charitable causes in the city.

"I think it's important to recognize the contributions of literally thousands and thousands of African-Americans to our state's history but also trying to find people who, again, bring us together. Not look at people who draw some sort of vitriol from either side," Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said.

The Sentinel notes that in 2018, Republicans opposed a similar measure because Democrats refused to include former Milwaukee Sheriff David E. Clarke Jr.