Alex Jones' new lawyers have a history of making racist posts and conspiracy theorist rants
Alex Jones broadcasts while driving (Photo: Screen capture)

Infowars' Alex Jones has hired a pair of controversial lawyers to represent him in the defamation lawsuits brought against him by the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims.

HuffPost reported Wednesday that Jones has replaced his previous counsel in the lawsuits over his claims that Sandy Hook was staged with one lawyer who made a "joke" post about lynchings and the KKK and another who believes there's a "Deep State" out to get Donald Trump.

In a court filing submitted Monday, Jones announced that he's soon to name Infowars contributor Robert Barnes as the replacement for his lead attorney Marc Randazza. He also hired Connecticut lawyer Norman Pattis as a replacement for his other attorney from Randazza's firm.

Barnes, the report noted, appeared recently on Fox News to offer legal support for the Covington Catholic High School teens filmed mocking a Native American man. He also appeared on Infowars to defend Jones' Sandy Hook truther conspiracy theory and is a proponent of the alleged "Deep State."

Pattis, on the other hand, was condemned by the NAACP after he posted — and later deleted — a Facebook photo of beer cans in white hoods surrounding a brown beer bottle with a noose around its neck.

"Ku Klux Coors," the caption on the attorney's photo read. After deleting it, Pattis decried the "P.C. police."

After Palestinian-American Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was elected to Congress last November, the Connecticut attorney tweeted another "joke" where he mused: "No suicide bombings?"

Mark Bankston, a Texas lawyer representing Sandy Hook parents Scarlett Lewis, Neil Heslin, Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, weighed in on the change in counsel in a statement to HuffPost.

"It remains to be seen whether this sudden change in counsel is a desperate gambit or whether it’s a sign that Mr. Jones is ready to take this lawsuit seriously,” Bankston said. “But regardless of who ultimately represents InfoWars, my clients remain focused on holding Mr. Jones accountable for his reckless and disgusting conduct.”