Attorney Dershowitz demands FBI open criminal investigation into himself and his accusers in Epstein sex assault case
Alan Dershowitz appears on ABC (screen grab)

In an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal, attornet Alan Dershowitz has asked the FBI to open a criminal investigation into himself -- and his accusers -- over allegations he had sex with underaged women linked to disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Pummeled by accusations that he engaged in illicit sexual relations with a young woman, Dershowitz -- who is one of President Donald Trump's biggest legal backers -- said he wants to clear his name.

"Four years ago, a woman in her mid-30s accused me of having sex with her when she was underage. I produced incontrovertible evidence that I never met the accuser—including a lawfully recorded admission by her lawyer, who examined my travel and phone records and said it would have been 'impossible' for me to have been in four places where she claimed the sexual encounters occurred, and that she was 'simply wrong' in accusing me," the Harvard law professor wrote. "The evidence includes emails and a book manuscript (currently under court seal) in which the accuser acknowledges that she never had sex with me, and a recorded conversation of a friend of the accuser, who says the accuser told her of feeling “pressured by her lawyers” to accuse me in order to get a big payday."

According to the attorney, now that Epstein story has returned to the headlines over prosecutorial misconduct, he feels he is being dragged through the mud.

"In my case, there is no evidence that my accusers and I were ever even in the same place at the same time, and documented evidence that we were not. Yet a journalist for the New Yorker told me she regards the evidence of my innocence as 'inconclusive," he asserted. "My accusers refuse to make their accusations in public, outside of court documents. That shields them from defamation suits and leaves me with no legal recourse unless prosecutors decide to bring perjury charges. But it’s rare for prosecutors even to investigate false filings in civil cases."

He then made his challenge.

"I’ve decided, therefore, to do something unusual: I’m asking federal prosecutors and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to open a criminal investigation of me," he wrote. "But not of me alone—of my accusers as well. All three of us have filed sworn affidavits in federal court. These affidavits are in irreconcilable conflict: I have sworn that I never met either of them; they have both sworn that I engaged in sexual acts with them. Either I have committed perjury or they have."

You can read the whole thing here (subscription required).