Expect for Trump to continue rage tweeting — and lashing out with ‘woe is me’: CNN panel predicts

President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

A Monday CNN panel fantasized about what a real president would do in the wake of the special counsel’s investigation. Instead, they expected Trump would continue raging.

Host Don Lemon read excerpts of President Donald Trump’s remarks in the Oval Office Monday, where he described those who investigated him as “evil” and “treasonous.”

“This is the start of a vendetta,” Lemon assumed.

New York Times columnist and CNN contributor Brank Bruni noted that as with “all things” once again the president “is overreacting.”

He said that Trump exaggerates the size of his buildings, his crowd sizes and the popular vote, so it’s not surprising that he would stretch the truth as far as he could when it comes to the findings by the special counsel.

“That’s what he’s doing here,” Bruni continued. “He’s telling people this report completely exonerated me, I have been utterly victimized, every bit of persecution I claimed is correct, and now I’m waiting for my apology. “

He noted that it isn’t the beginning of a vendetta because Trump has had one since the moment anyone questioned him.

“People say will this make him even angrier, will this make him act more boldly?” Bruni continued. “I don’t see how you get any angrier on Twitter than Donald Trump has been. I don’t see how you lash out at your enemies any more aggressively than he’s done. He’s just going to stay the course here.”

Lemon noted that Trump has been under a lot of pressure and now that the full report is out he might be able to relax some.

Michael d’Antonio, a biographer of President Donald Trump, said that Trump seemed very “low energy” in the Oval Office Monday.

“This was low-energy Jeb, but Donald Trump’s version of it,” he said. To make matters worse, Trump might be playing the victim, but d’Antonio explained that all of this is a problem of Trump’s own making. If he hadn’t asked Russia to look for Hillary Clinton’s emails, fired James Comey and admitted it was about Russia, a special counsel likely wouldn’t have been called.

“Well, this is provocative,” he continued. “Just as his comments about treason and how ‘these people should be looked into.’ These are the provocative kinds of things a serious person doesn’t say because he understands the effect that they have on the country.”

Lemon said that Trump has a chance to reset and move the country forward, but the panelists laughed at the idea of it.

“I think there’s very little chance of that,” Bruni said. “But it’s funny you say that. I was thinking before we sat down, wouldn’t it — if we were to fantasize about leadership and what a great president would do — wouldn’t it be amazing if he said, ‘You know what, these partisan battles, these partisan investigations, this back and forth, it’s gone on too long, let us do something to show that Republicans and Democrats even in the wake of this can work together. Let’s do a big infrastructure bill, one that is written in a sensible fashion.’ Wouldn’t that be an amazing healing moment for the country?”

Instead, Bruni anticipates Trump will tell everyone that they owe him an apology, announce who should lose their jobs, and moan “woe is me.”

D’Antonio said that this isn’t the first time Trump has had an opportunity to bring Americans together, but each time he’s squandered it and continued to divide instead.

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