Why has Trump 'gone to such great lengths to inflate' his wealth?
President Donald Trump (European Council President/Flickr)

Trump biographer Tim O'Brien on Tuesday offered investigators some bread crumbs about what questions they should be asking about President Donald Trump and his finances.

Reacting to the major New York Times report from Monday that showed Trump regularly overstated his wealth to banks when he was seeking loans, O'Brien said investigators ought be questioning not just why Trump tried to inflate his wealth but why he worked so hard to create an elaborate facade that financial auditors at Deutsche Bank saw through anyway.

"Investigators may want to examine why President Trump and his accountant, Allen Weisselberg, have gone to such great lengths, and for so long, to inflate the president's wealth when talking to the media, insurers, and banks," O'Brien writes.

Another particularly interesting question, O'Brien says, would be why Deutsche Bank continued doing business with Trump even after he burned them multiple times by defaulting on bonds and trying to get out of repaying loans using highly unusual legal rationales.

"Deutsche Bank, a German banking giant often mired in scandal, has maintained a long-standing business relationship with Trump even when other banks walked away," O'Brien explains, before pointing to "myriad curiosities" involved in the relationship between Trump and the bank.

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