Las Vegas cop arrested after forcing a mentally ill man to 'twerk'
Rachel Sorkow [Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department]

Las Vegas metropolitan police officer Rachel Sorkow was arrested on five counts of felony misconduct, according to Fox 5 Vegas.

Sorkow abused her power to look up information on other people for her friends and family.

"The long list of crimes police said she committed while working for the department includes looking up addresses, arrest records, and license plate information on potential boyfriends or girlfriends of friends and family," the report said.

Sorkow would force people to perform in her videos that she recorded on her cell phones. She mocked a mentally ill person after receiving a call. She forced him to dance in the video.

"In a video, Sorkow recorded with her cell phone, she told him, 'I just want to see you dougie and twerk and then we're good.' He starts dancing and she tells him, 'Yea! Get it again, one more time.,'" the report said.

The investigation was launched in 2018. She was "relieved of duty" with pay during the investigation.