New Jersey school speaker tells students Hitler was a 'good leader' like Martin Luther King, Jr.
Hitler (Shutterstock)

A New Jersey school apologized this week after students were reportedly told that Adolf Hitler was a "good leader."

In a letter sent home to parents of Madison High School students, Madison Superintendent Mark Schwarz called the remarks “unnecessarily provocative and insensitive," according to

The letter explained that some student athletes at Madison High were required to attend a Saturday assembly to promote “positive leadership values and a culture of sportsmanship."

Schwarz said that the speaker, who was not identified, featured Hitler in a list of "positive leaders." Photos of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were seen alongside the German leader.

“During his commentary, the speaker contrasted Dr. King and Hitler, referring to the latter as a ‘good leader’ with ‘bad moral character and intentions,'” Schwarz noted in the letter.

“It was unnecessarily provocative and insensitive for the speaker to include the image of a criminal whose legacy includes the systematic torture and slaughter of millions of Jews, the disabled, and others in Eastern Europe,” the school superintendent added.