Parents fear man who shot at elementary school could be bailed out by Trump-supporting billionaire grandfather
26-year-old Dylan Ruffin, who has been accused of shooting a gun at Highlands Elementary School

Parents in Johnson County, Kansas fear that Dylan Ruffin, a 26-year-old man who has been accused of firing a gun at a local elementary school, will soon be out on bail thanks to his grandfather, a billionaire supporter of President Donald Trump.

Local news station KCTV 5 reports that that Ruffin, who was arrested last week after allegedly firing shots at the Highlands Elementary School in Fairway, Kansas, is the grandson of Phil Ruffin, a casino owner who has a 50 percent stake in the Trump International Las Vegas hotel.

Parents tell KCTV 5 that they are particularly concerned about Ruffin being released on bail because he lives directly across from Highlands Elementary.

"I don’t want him here," parent Kimberly Leese tells KCTV 5.

Phil Ruffin has not yet said whether he will post bail for his accused grandson, however.

According to local police, Ruffin fired multiple shots at the elementary school last Friday while children were playing in the school's playground. Multiple bullets hit the building and one even shattered a glass window.