Rick Wilson piles on prison-bound Manafort for becoming Trump's pal: 'Karma is a magnificent b*tch'
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

On Thursday, Republican strategist Rick Wilson slammed President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort in an article for The Daily Beast.

After federal Judge T.S. Ellis sentenced Manafort to 47 months in prison for committing fraud, Wilson said that "karma is a b*itch."

"If anyone ever tempted the fates in our political ecosystem, it was Manafort. He lived a life of opulence bordering on the decadent, fueled by a career made by serving the worst authoritarians, dictators, warlords, and sh*t-tier human rights abusers he could scrape out of the gutter to monetize," Wilson wrote.

Wilson explained that even though Manafort got a light sentence, that his days are still numbered because he faces another sentencing trial in Washington D.C.

"Manafort's life — which had been anything but blameless — is nonetheless over. He faces more sentencing in his D.C. trial next week, with a recommendation there of up to 10 more years. He may never see more than a patch of daylight in the prison yard until he is carried out feet first and buried in a potter's field," he said.

He added that Trump and Manafort were a "perfect match" because of their corrupt past.

"Trump and Manafort were a perfect match. Manafort saw Trump as a vector to escape his debts, and possibly save his own life," he said adding, "Trump wanted Manafort's Russians to fund his Moscow real estate project."

He blamed Manafort for his own downfall.

Wilson said, "Robert Mueller didn't lead some innocent lamb to the slaughter; the Special Counsel gave Manafort every chance to save himself. Instead, Manafort ordered more than enough rope to string himself up."

"All Manafort had to do for once in his shady, shitty life was tell the truth. He merely had to cooperate with Robert Mueller. His criminal conduct, lack of genuine repentance, and evident corruption led to today’s sentence," he said.

He explained that there is an ongoing pattern with people close to Trump and that everything Trump touches will inevitably die.

"Karma is a magnificent b*itch. Manafort's service to the worst in this world brought him the highest position in the Trump campaign. His lies, crimes, and attempt to subvert justice brought him this term in prison. In protecting Trump and playing for a pardon that will never come, Manafort sentenced himself," he said.

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