'This BS is their currency': Watch CNN's Cuomo destroy Fox News Tucker Carlson
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

On Monday, CNN's Chris Cuomo bashed Fox News host Tucker Carlson after racist and homophobic slurs he made were unearthed by Media Matters.

Cuomo said that people should not wait around for Carlson to apologize or step down from his position.

"Apologize? Are you kidding? They're not going to apologize. Stop asking. They want the press divide. They want to attack what most want to protect, and ironically, you give them attention for doing something wrong, and they use that attention to say it more," Cuomo said.

"[Carlson] uses your negative attention to play the victim. Big boy will say 'the left is coming at me. It isn't nice.' At the same time, he would strip away the sensitivity toward those who are actually victimized. Hypocrisy often goes hand in hand with harshness. Few bullies can withstand what they dish out to others," Cuomo added.

"This BS is like currency for them. They get paid for this. The base likes its heroes. They've seen this president make it to the White House by in part by doing the same thing," Cuomo said.

Watch below via CNN: