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Trump administration bars credentialed reporters from special conference call – and allows ‘faith-based media only’: report



The U.S. State Department is holding a special conference call but has barred reporters who regularly cover the State Dept. from the call and instead is allowing only “faith-based media” reporters.

CNN Senior Diplomatic Correspondent covering the State Department, Michelle Kosinski was the first to report the breach in regular norms some are questioning as a possible violation of the First Amendment.

CNN took the White House to court after its Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta was banned, without even a discussion, by the White House press office for asking too many questions. First Amendment experts took the White House to task then too. Acosta was reinstated and the White House instituted new rules making it easier to ban reporters, but since there are rarely press conferences anymore the new rules have yet to be thoroughly tested.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talked about “the Rapture” when he was CIA Director in public settings, and views politics as a “struggle” mankind must endure until the Rapture comes.



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‘The president is lying’: Trump gets immediately debunked by CNN after claiming he stopped ‘send her back’ chant



President Donald Trump said Thursday that he stopped the North Carolina rally crowd from chanting "send her back" during a rant about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). But CNN immediately called him out for the false claim.

"I didn’t like that they did it and I started speaking very quickly," Trump told the press. "Excuse me. Really? If you would have heard, there was a tremendous amount of noise and action and everything else. I started very quickly. And I think you know that. Maybe you’re giving me too much credit. You’re used to giving me too much credit. Thank you, everybody. I will try. I will certainly try, yes."

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Trump’s racism isn’t a grand plan to win in 2020 — he’s just a ‘blithering idiot’: GOP strategist



President Donald Trump over the last week has made overtly racist attacks on four Democratic women of color, which has led to speculation that the president believes using racism is the key to winning reelection in 2020.

However, Republican strategist Stuart Stevens, who is currently working for Trump primary challenger Bill Weld, says it would be a mistake to confuse Trump's bigoted impulses with a well thought out battle plan.

"There is always this need to attribute this master plan to Trump because otherwise, you have to come to terms with the fact that he’s a blithering idiot," Stevens said in an interview with the Huffington Post.

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Here is why Nancy Pelosi allowed a House impeachment vote



Admitting that he isn't privy to insider knowledge from the Democratic leadership, Bloomberg columnist Jonathan Bernstein suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may be playing a much longer game on the possibility of impeachment hearings on Donald Trump than her detractors believe.

Wondering, "Is Nancy Pelosi closer to impeachment?' Bernstein writes, "Usually, when a regular bill or resolution has been introduced, it’s then referred to committee. If the majority party doesn’t want to consider the bill, it will die with no further action. Under House rules, however, any member can force an impeachment resolution onto the floor as pending business. That’s what [Rep. Al] Green (D-TX) did Wednesday."

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