Trump is waiting for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to die before he appoints a woman to the court: report
Donald Trump and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Photos: Screen capture and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wake Forest University's Flickr photostream)

President Donald Trump didn't want to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court last year because he was waiting for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to die first.

In bizarre logic, Axios reported that Trump refused to appoint Judge Amy Coney Barrett because he was "saving her" until the justice colloquially known as RBG died. Barrett has long been a favorite among conservatives for her opposition to Roe v. Wade.

"I'm saving her for Ginsburg," Trump said, according to three sources who spoke to Axios.

Advisors are concerned that Barrett's radical opposition to a woman's right to choose would turn Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), but their positions on the issue seem to be faltering. Some advisors claimed that both senators would likely "do the right thing," and do what the president tells them. He's also taken to referring to the senators as "the women."

While he's begun questioning the loyalty of "the women," the wins the GOP made in November helped Trump feel secure about a right-wing choice for the court.

While Ginsburg has had some health scares, there's no evidence she isn't in good health and or that she can't continue her work. It's only been within the last several months that Ginsburg took her first few sick-days as a justice.

That said, Axios noted that Trump changes his mind frequently and Barrett would likely need another round of vetting before a public announcement.

"The Supreme Court judicial selection process with the president is a very fluid one," Axios cited a source familiar with Trump's thinking. "He floats in and out of these discussions over a period of time."

Trump has already pulled the court to the far right. If he gets to appoint another justice, the court could be lost to moderation for decades to come.

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