Trump’s raging feud with George Conway shows he is ‘frighteningly’ out of control: conservative columnist
Composite image of George Conway and President Donald Trump (screengrabs)

A conservative columnist wrote Thursday that Donald Trump's escalating feud with George Conway, husband of his close aide Kellyanne Conway, is further evidence of how "thin-skinned" the president really is.

"George gets under Donald’s very thin skin because Trump’s temper is so frighteningly volcanic and because he’s used to being lathered with praise by a docile staff so anxious to avoid it, they’re afraid to mention the egregious things he does," Margaret Carlson wrote in the right-wing Newsmax website.

Conway "tried counseling Trump quietly," Carlson wrote, "his early tweets epistles of constitutional advice advising the president that his Muslim ban was too restrictive to pass muster with the Supreme Court."

Over time, however, the adviser's husband has become "more clinical" — and more openly critical — of the president who reportedly offered him the job of Solicitor General, the columnist noted.

"Good luck convincing folks that Conway is just another coffee boy," Carlson wrote. "Conway introduced his wife to Trump after he represented the developer in a dispute. The Conways then bought an apartment in Trump Tower. Donald often asks George for free legal advice. Both have been guests at Trump’s formal social occasions although Kellyanne goes out more often without her husband, who prefers staying home and reading."

"Conway has a front-row seat at the Trump show," she added. "By overreacting, Trump proves the lawyer’s larger point that he’s not in control of his anger but controlled by it."

Carlson noted that when President Richard Nixon was under siege, he was said to talk to White House portraits and asked Henry Kissinger to pray with him.

"Maybe that’s why Trump made a rare trip to church last Sunday," she wrote. "If only Trump could pray the rage away."

Read the entire column via Newsmax.