Alleged plagiarist, former Fox News commentator and registered foreign agent will be new treasury spokesperson
Monica Crowley (Screen Capture)

Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin will hire longtime far right conservative Monica Crowley, a former Fox News contributor who in 2017 registered as a foreign agent to lobby for a Ukrainian oligarch, to become his next top spokesperson.

Crowley will be Treasury's Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, according to Bloomberg News.

In March of 2017 Foreign Policy reported Crowley's new job was "lobbying for Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk," and noted that "Pinchuk’s foundation also donated $150,000 to Trump’s foundation after the real-estate mogul delivered a speech on Ukraine in 2015 to a meeting organized by the foundation."

Foreign Policy's report adds that "Pinchuk emerged as a potential conduit to Trump for the Ukrainian government, as Foreign Policy reported in February. He caught flak at home for penning a Wall Street Journal op-ed in December arguing that Ukraine should make 'painful compromises' with Russia, though he hasn’t backed off his denunciation of Russia’s antics in stoking the crisis."

Pinchuk is also a steel magnate and owner of several media outlets. His name appears several times in a February, 2019 New York Times article, "Firms Recruited by Paul Manafort Are Investigated Over Foreign Payments."

President Donald Trump had wanted to hire Crowley to join the White House National Security Council, but she was forced to withdraw after a CNN report charged her with plagiarizing "thousands of words of her 2000 dissertation for her Columbia University Ph.D.," just after finding "more than 50 instances of plagiarism" in her 2012 book.

It is not known if Crowley still has official ties to Pinchuk. She still occasionally appears on Fox News.

Here's Crowley earlier this year speaking about her former boss, President Richard Nixon: