CNN's Symone Sanders delivers brutal take down of 'childish' Meghan McCain for demanding Joy Behar listen to her
Symone Sanders [Photo: screengrab from video]

CNN political analyst Symone Sanders on Monday delivered a brutal take down of "The View's" Meghan McCain after she repeatedly interrupted fellow host Joy Behar and told her that it was "part of your job to listen to me."

Reacting to a clip from Monday's episode of "The View" where Whoopi Goldberg shut down McCain for interrupting Behar, Sanders remarked on just how little McCain had accomplished in her life other than being the daughter of a famous senator.

"McCain’s claim to fame is her father’s legacy -- not anything she does/did," Sanders observed. "Honestly, it’s so unsettling she gets the PRIVILEGE to sit at the table day in and day out pontificating about things she has heard or the work other people have done, especially in politics."

Sanders then said that Behar was a "saint" for putting up with McCain, and she called on the conservative "View" co-host to grow up.

"She’s so childish," Sanders said. "If I pouted on every panel the way she does every damn show I wouldn’t have a job. From one millennial to another -- please get it together."