Conservative columnist knocks Bill Barr for acting like a 'PR spinner' and not 'the attorney general'
Attorney General Bill Barr (Photo: Screen capture)

On Wednesday, conservative Washington Post columnist slammed Attorney General Bill Barr after he made vague comments about President Donald Trump's campaign being spied on.

During a Congressional hearing, Barr said that he believed spying occurred but moments later walked back his comments causing confusion and frustration among Democrats.

Rubin said that the remarks were nothing more than a public relations spin.

"This is the language of a PR spinner, not the attorney general of the United States. As my colleague Aaron Blake points out, 'spying' is a loaded phrase and a political accusation," she wrote.

Rubin added, "Now if you didn’t already think Barr was failing to fulfill his oath to enforce the laws as the people’s lawyer (not Trump’s lawyer), this latest episode might do it."

"Barr has misrepresented the report (including the baseless accusation of “spying”), prevented Congress from fulfilling its constitutional obligations and/or consulted with the White House to determine what to redact (i.e. assisted in a coverup), it would be a serious breach of his obligations to enforce the law. He would actually be hindering its enforcement," she said.

She noted that Barr should immediately release special counsel Robert Mueller's full report.

"Let’s hope that Barr promptly turns over the report with a scant number of redactions. If not, the House needs do everything possible to defend the rule of law and the public’s right to know whether their president was negligent with national security and/or tried to willfully thwart a valid investigation."

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