Fox News reporter accuses two coworkers of sounding like 'a white supremacist chat room': leaked emails
Tucker Carlson (Screengrab)

A reporter at Fox News issued a scathing rebuke to two of his colleagues for supposedly sounding "like a white supremacist chat room" in leaked emails obtained by The Daily Beast.

According to the publication, the Fox reporter chastised his colleagues for trying to defend President Donald Trump's infamous statement that there were some "very fine people" who attended a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.

In particular, the two Fox employees said that Trump was right to claim that not everyone at the march was a white supremacist because one of them, a marcher named Jarrod Kuhn, claimed he was only there to protest the removal of a monument dedicated to Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

However, The Daily Beast reports that Fox News Radio White House correspondent Jon Decker then stepped in to shoot down his colleagues' false claims.

"I really don’t understand the point you are making," he said. "Jarrod Kuhn was one of those individuals in Charlottesville holding a tiki torch while the mob chanted ‘Jews will not replace us.'"

Fox News assignment reporter Doug McKelway, one of the employees who defended Trump's Charlottesville remarks, came back on the email thread and admitted that he was wrong after finding out that one of the people he cited as an example of a non-racist demonstrator was actually a white nationalist.

"[I]t appears Lambert revealed himself to be not the squeaky clean 1st amendment supporter he claimed to be on live TV," the Fox reporter admitted.

"Based upon the slew of emails that I’ve received today, both of you should send an apology to your Fox News colleagues -- many of whom are hurt and infuriated by your respective posts," Decker replied. "Your posts read like something you’d read on a White Supremacist chat room."

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