Group that wants to 'bring God back to America' pushes adoption bill that allows anti-LGBT discrimination
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An organization whose self-proclaimed goal is to "bring God back to America" is pushing for a piece of legislation in Tennessee that will let adoption and foster care agencies discriminate against LGBT couples.

The Tennessean reports that an organization called the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation is lobbying lawmakers to support backing the adoptions bill, which they argue is essential to securing their "religious freedom."

The Tennesseean notes that similar legislation passed recently in Oklahoma and Kansas, and the bill's main sponsor says that it is modeled after legislation that's on the books in Virginia.

The legislation could be problematic from a legal perspective, however, given that it expands beyond adoption agencies and allows for foster care agencies to discriminate against LGBT parents as well.

"Foster care agencies are essentially contractors for the Department of Children's Services, and are paid a daily rate depending on a child's needs," the Tennesseean reports. "If this legislation also passes the Senate, then taxpayer-funded organizations would be able to exclude certain people based on the organizations' written religious or moral beliefs."