Horror stories show how 'Fox News Brain' is ripping apart American families
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Columnist Luke O'Neil has lost his mother to a condition that he describes as "Fox News Brain" -- and it turns out he's not alone.

In a new piece published by The Guardian, O'Neil shares horror stories from other Americans who have seen relationships with their families decline thanks to their addiction to watching Fox News.

The people who shared their stories with O'Neil all said that they still loved their parents and other relatives, but they found themselves dreading having discussions with them because they would inevitably drop some piece of blatant misinformation that they'd picked up from watching Fox.

"I was raised by a strong pro-choice feminist mother, who now tells me 'cute stories' that happen on The Five (the Fox daytime show), loves Trump, and thinks abortion should be illegal after six weeks," one person wrote. "I grew up in a house where we openly talked politics. Now, it’s noticeably absent from our conversations."

"I pretty much don’t go home anymore – twice in the last three years, only at Christmas -- because my family and friends all have broken Fox Brain," wrote another reader. "I called at Thanksgiving to say hi, which was when my dad called Obama the n-word during the call, apropos of nothing."

"[My parents are] the sweetest, warmest, supportive, most generous people on earth -- but over the past few years I’ve picked up on distinct symptoms of Fox News brain poisoning," shared another reader. "During their trip we were just hanging out and chatting when my dad, unprompted, says 'They say there’s a lot of Mexicans here in Southern California.'"

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