Trump won't read Mueller report because he's 'not a big reader' and will wait for the Fox News spin on it: CNN host
President Donald Trump. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

CNN's Kaitlan Collins explained that Trump is not a "good reader" and will most likely wait for media coverage to summarize the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

Attorney General Bill Barr is expected to release Mueller's full report on Thursday, according to the Justice Department. However, President Donald Trump is not expected to read the nearly 400-page report.

"According to reporting, he's not a big reader. You would think this would be something that would interest him closely. No?" CNN's Anderson Cooper said.

"It could be embarrassing for this president," Collins said. "They know how he is and how he reacts to coverage. While he is not expected to read this report page-by-page, he will watch how it plays out in the media."

"People close to the president have noted that he's not a big reader," she added. "They're not expecting him to go through this line-by-line. Instead his legal team will do it and they will brief him on it. What we are learning is most White House officials say they want to read this report. Anderson, they said they might wait until they leave the White House to actually read it."

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