Pete Buttigieg campaign says it ‘will not be influenced by special-interest money’ – returns lobbyists’ donations
Pete Buttigieg -- screenshot

Pete Buttigieg's campaign is making changes. No longer will Pete for America accept lobbyist funds, and it is returning the approximately $30,000 is those donations it has already received.

"Mayor Pete will not be influenced by special-interest money, and we understand that making this promise is an important part of that commitment," the campaign said Friday, as The Hill reports.

"We understand that making this decision and being vocal about our values is important; that the decision means more than just whether or not we are willing to accept money from a specific individual."

"Standing up for our collective values not only includes saying we believe that campaigns should not take money from lobbyists; it also means being aware of the loopholes that still allow special interests to impact the campaign."

Buttigieg raised more than $7 million in the first quarter, which is substantial given he was a late entrant. The average contribution was $36.35.