San Diego GOP sourly warns councilman who quit party that he will miss out on 'individual liberty'
Mark Kersey (Facebook)

A Republican councilman in San Diego quit the party on Monday, saying that it would make problem-solving easier.

In a series of tweets, Councilman Mark Kersey explained why he had changed his party affiliation to independent.

"Make no mistake: both parties have plenty of good and decent members," Kersey wrote. "But today's political climate rewards ideologues, not problem-solvers. I ran for office to rebuild San Diego, not localize the debate over federal and state partisan malice."

"For these reasons I have decided to disconnect from the polarized prism of partisan politics and become an independent," he added.

The San Diego Republican Party quickly lashed out at Kersey for defecting.

"Mark Kersey will find that there is scant support outside of the Republican Party for individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited, efficient government," party chair Tony Krvaric write on Twitter. "Anyone who subscribes to those principles is welcome in our party any time."

Read the tweets below.