Steven Mnuchin blasted for 'egregious' efforts to string along the battle over Trump's tax returns
Steve Mnuchin appears on Fox News (screen grab)

On Tuesday, a CNN panel railed against President Donald Trump and his team for prolonging the battle over releasing the president's tax returns.

Treasury  Secretary Steven Mnuchin wrote a letter to the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA) that he will make a decision on releasing Trump's taxes or not on May 6.

"The Treasury Department and the ten-page single-spaced letter said they need more time to May 6th to consult with the Justice Department to see whether the request from the House Democrats is legal," CNN host Wolf Blitzer said.

"Legal analyst Jeffery Toobin called it egregious.

"I bet the tension is building about whether they're going to turn over those tax returns," Toobin said. "Especially since the White House Chief of Staff already said they are never turning them over."

"This is just part of how the Justice Department, the whole Trump administration is dealing with the House of Representatives which is 'we're not turning over anything until the courts tell us to'" he added.

"This one is particularly egregious in the tax return department because the law is so clear that the Internal Revenue Service shall turn over a tax return, but they'll string this out as long as possible and given the way the courts go it is likely to be months before this issue is resolved, if it is resolved at all before Donald Trump's term is over."

Watch below via CNN: