Trump will eventually lose his fight against Congress -- but he’s hoping to ‘run out the clock’ by stalling
President Donald Trump. (Isac Nóbrega/PR)

President Donald Trump has always faced crises by resisting, delaying and filing lawsuits -- and that's how he's hoping to stall the investigations consuming his presidency.

The president is hoping to "run out the clock" by fighting any attempt to conduct congressional oversight over his executive power, and hopefully force the Democrats into disarray as they face his "hardline position," a source familiar with his legal strategy told Axios.

"This completely comports with Trump’s approach to business and life," said Bloomberg reporter Tim O'Brien, who was sued by Trump in 2006 over a book he'd written about him. "Roy Cohn taught him how to weaponize the legal system when he was still in his late 20s — nearly 50 years ago."

Trump insists the congressional investigations launched into special counsel Robert Mueller's findings are partisan attacks, and he intends to fight every effort to call witnesses or obtain records.

"(Trump's) legal position here is quite weak," said Matt Miller, a former Obama Justice Department official, "and the White House counsel and DOJ must know they will lose."

But Miller, who is now an MSNBC legal analyst, said the president believes the delays will help him as he heads into next year's re-election campaign.

"He’s trying to drag everything out in hopes the political salience of each scandal dies out by the time the courts enforce subpoenas," Miller said.