City official raged at Spanish speakers in unhinged Facebook rant -- so Illinois voters just gave her the boot
Former South Jacksonville, Illinois trustee Stacy Wallis Pinkerton (Photo via

A trustee in South Jackson, Illinois has been kicked out of office by voters weeks after she apologized for an angry Facebook rant against people who speak Spanish.

The State Journal-Register reports that trustee Stacy Wallis Pinkerton placed sixth out of seven candidates for three seats on the South Jacksonville board of trustees.

Just last month, Pinkerton went on Facebook to write an angry, profanity-laced rant against a customer in her family's engine repair shop who spoke to her in Spanish.

"Omg some people and i mean the people that don’t speak English,” she wrote at the start of the post, which also referred to the customer as "stupid" and complained that they “can’t figure it out, that we don't know what he is saying."

Pinkerton apologized for the post and deleted it, but she nonetheless faced anger among community members who accused her of being racist and urged her to not run for reelection.

Pinkerton insisted on staying on the ballot regardless -- but nonetheless lost her reelection bid handily on Tuesday.