WATCH: Joe Biden in unscripted video pledges to ‘be more mindful about respecting personal space’
Joe Biden (Twitter)

As he contemplates running for President former, Vice President Joe Biden is facing allegations from four women who say that he invaded their personal space in a manner that made them feel uncomfortable. All say the unwanted or unexpected touching was not sexual or predatory.

The former Vice President just posted what appears to be an unscripted video to Twitter, pledging to "be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future. That’s my responsibility and I will meet it," he adds.

"Social norms are changing," Biden acknowledges. And he talks about how politics, for him, has always been about making connections with people.

“I shake hands, I hug people. I grab men and women by the shoulders.”

The former Congressman, Senator, and Vice President has received support from some unlikely places, including Sen. Lindsey Graham.

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