White supremacists have a new radical plan to destroy the civilized world as we know it
Cross Burning (Wikimedia Commons)

White supremacists are turning to accelerationism theory in America and around the world, the Anti-Defamation League explained in a new report.

"Accelerationism is a term white supremacists have assigned to their desire to hasten the collapse of society as we know it," ADL explained. "We have also recently seen tragic instances of its manifestation in the real world."

The report noted that the manifesto released by Brenton Tarrant, the alleged perpetrator of the Christown mosque massacres, included a heading, “Destabilization and Accelerationism: Tactics for Victory.”

"Fueled by the perception that the future of the white race is bleak, these white supremacists believe they must employ any means necessary to expedite the collapse of the current system," ADL noted. "Solutions to bring down the system range from the most extreme form, violence, to deliberate political engagement that supports destructive and divisive societal elements."

According to the theory, recent terrorist attacks by white nationalists are effective for expanding their movement.

"Accelerationists believe that setting off a series of reactions, even if they result in changes that directly threaten the white race, can actually be a useful tool for motivating more reticent white supremacists," ADL noted.

"Following an extremist terrorist attack such as the Tree of Life shooting or Christchurch rampage, accelerationists identify a domino effect that is set into motion – a chain of societal reactions that further exacerbate the feeling of alienation among white supremacists, and, theoretically, a greater impulse to engage in violence or other destructive behavior," ADL explained.

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